Wednesday, June 20, 2012

3 (2012) - Tamil Movie

After the grand success of song "Kolaveri Di" which went viral on youtube and I guess around 20 million people saw it - I had to see this movie. Another reason was - I kindda like this guy - he is too simple and has that "Guy next door" feel about him. Dhanush (Son in Law of Rajnikanth) Plus this movie is a debut of his wife as a Director, who happens to be Rajnikanth's daughter. Chick opposite to him is none other than "Shruti Hassan", again who happens to be another SuperStar "Kamal Hassan's" daughter. The Hindi version is yet to be released and I just couldn't wait any longer for the same hence end up seeing it today in Tamil with english subtitles. Whats my take? I will definitely give it 3 stars for sure. A very nice story of love and sacrifice. Its totally convincing and Dhanush fits the role to the T. Shruti is too gorgeous to be missed and you can definitely live with the twist and action thrown in post interval. I will definitely recommend it to people who like simple love storys with a twisted ending. Its almost 2 hours and 20 minutes long - But I must tell you - it will definitely take you back to your school / college days in the first hour, too good to be missed. I guess it did not work on the Box Office cause of all those big names atached to it - and it turns out to be too simple from all the South Indian Film standards - hence the outcome.

The movie starts off with a very simple story told in a very riveting manner with Boy meets Girl and falls for her at the very first sight. He belongs to a very rich family and she is from a simple middle class family. Both are in their 12th Standard and the usual affair starts first from the Boy's side as he starts following her on road till her home, tuitions, every where she goes. It reminded me of my own school / college days when we actually used to do this - although we never got the girl we followed but this is a movie after all. Finally, she gives up on him and falls for him too. By this time we are half the way into the movie and its time to have a twist as usuall in all our movies. Girl's mother plans to go to US suddenly to have a better life and in a fit of anger and frustration that she will be separated from her lover, the girl burns her passport and she gets thrown out of her house by her family. The Boy speaks to his parents and they get married to live a life ever after but again there is another twist in the tale which changes their life upside down. All hell breaks lose on them with this turn of events so much so that the boy had to kill himself to save her from himself, why and how? is what you should see the movie for.

All the South Indian movies are very high on Music, Emotion, Drama and Action. This one is no exception. As it has exceptionally good and real emotional start with good music, Damn good Drama in between with some eye popping action in the later half. It always amazes me when I see a guy of Dhanush's built throwing guys double of his size around. But thats one liberty you can take in the name of the movie and it still gets claps and cheers from its audience. What I like best about this movie is - the sincerety of its whole cast, right from the Protagonist and his wife till her little sister and parents of both sides with, a great set of friends who try to save them from the upcoming disaster. Its a complete family drama I should say.
Its a good one time watch for all Romance / Drama lovers.

We liked it - although wished we could understand the language as I am sure they do change a lot of things in Subtitles and its Hindi release is still awaited. Go ahead - take a look - who knows - you might it like it, like we did.

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