Friday, June 22, 2012

Klute (1971) - Thriller

Couple of weeks back I read about this and it had me thinking all these days - how would it be to see Donald Sutherland of all in a positive role that too as a lead opposite Super Gorgeous Jane Fonda. Saw it today and I must tell you - its a mindblowing experience. If you like Suspense Thrillers - this should be called one of the good underrated one, if not great. It keeps you hooked till the very end and you actually keep guessing who the bad guy is till the very last minute of the movie. Your loyalty keeps shifting between the main three characters. Jane Fonda is too too good, So damn beautiful, without exposing or revealing much - the Director keeps his audience hooked to her big time. She looks so damn good in those 70's dresses, everything about her character is so damn gorgeous. What I most loved about this movie is the whole 70's set up with awesome background score and those songs we were so used to during our college days. Special use of Drums, Guitar and a faint Saxophone is too good. Donald in a serious retrained role is so good as most of him I have seen is in a Bad Ass Cop :) roles, this was certainly a profile changer for him. Its a must watch for all thriller / suspense movie lovers. You will love it totally. Do not miss it at any cost.

Supreme Gorgeous Jane Fonda

The movie is based on John Klute's (A Cop and detective) investigation of the disappearance of an Executive. The police isn't able to find much while the investigation goes, finally the job comes to Klute. He is assisted by a high profile prostitute (Jane Fonda) who had received some letters from the disappeared guy. Klute takes up the room right below her apartment to keep an eye on her and follow her to find any clue about the disappeared guy. She finally agrees to assist him and gradually during the investigation they fall for each other. They do feel at times that they are being followed. Even the camera angle is of a stalker wherever she goes and does. We are actually forced to believe that someone is following her and watching over her all the time. Even Klute believes so and at times tries to find who that guy is. People commit suicides and are killed to during the courso of investigation. One clue leads to another and at times you feel that the mystery will be solved but again it comes to a complete dead end. The voice tapes keep playing in the background further confusing the audience. Jane's meetings with her psychiatrist tell a lot about her character to her. She is actually a nice girl stuck in the world of prostitution. She is actually shown so many times trying to get into modelling and movies but keeps failing on all her attempts. Finally giving in to quick money making world of a prostitute.

The whole suspense thing is handled so well that it actually confused me and I had to go back - rewind the movie and watch it again to know what just happened. Till you come to the end of it all and the mystery gets resolved. The movie was almost finishing and I was wondering when do we get to see the culprit as it comes open almost in the last 5 minutes of the run time. So far, it is one of the best detective movies I have seen in the recent past. I will highly recomend it to all.

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