Sunday, June 10, 2012

Journey 2 (2012) - Action Adventure

There are some movies which deserve a big screen viewing but at times - we do go by critic’s views and ignore them - only to regret later big time - like I did in the case of this one. It was such a fantastic effort to say the least and whole time we were actually assuming - how would it look like in a 3d version. Cinematography is Fantabulous - brilliant, I wonder how and where they keep getting such beautiful places like the one island they have shown in this movie. Awesomely beautiful and breath taking scenery. I can never forget that one scene in which Michael Caine takes everyone to his Tree House and shows them his collection made in two years of his stay on the Island - amongst other stuff he has a 75" HD TV - its actually a huge window overlooking a valley with a view of a Live Volcano, it’s such a beautiful and outstanding shot - I haven’t seen something like that even on Discovery yet. I will definitely give this movie a good 3 Stars - just for its breath taking visuals and action, let alone the creatures, thrills, rides, story and character - oh! Did I mention "The Rock" being a lead in the movie?? It’s a fundoo movie and definitely deserves multiple viewings. We already saw twice in last two days.
It’s a very simple and sweet story of a teenager whose grandfather is some kind of an explorer gone on a mission to find a Mysterious Island. He stays with his mom and step father (Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson). One day he gets a encrypted SOS signal, assuming it could be from his Grand Father - he decodes it with help of his step father. All the clues lead to an Island which isn’t there on the map. The reach the location with the help of a chopper pilot and his gorgeous daughter. The introduction of the pilot and his beautiful daughter is something that you will not forget for quite some time ;) she is simply stunning. The journey to the mysterious island is no easy ride, starting with a misfiring helicopter to a crash landing. The Island is totally rocking and awesome as the life there is upside down. The things which are smaller in our part of the world are huge and the bigger ones we have are tiny out there - that reminded me of Gulliver’s Tales. It was a treat to see dog sized elephants and lizards matching with dinosaurs’. Once they land on the island – it becomes a damn good thriller with superb action sequences. They have honey bees as big as horses and they fly on them too. The chase sequence of these guys flying on the bees followed by parrots is truly fantastic.
This Island was actually the lost city of Atlantis and after spending a day they realize that the whole thing is sinking and they have less than a day to escape. With no cell phone signal or working radio, the only possible escape is to find the legendary submarine. They do find one and there you have another fantastic sequence as how they charge the 140 year old batteries of the Sub Marine. What happens next is a great adventure. Unfortunately, I regret not seeing this one on big screen thanks to idiot critics who discarded it at least in our part of the world. But I am happy that I did get a great blue ray print and enjoyed it twice back to back with my kiddo looking forward to it again ;), I too am surely up for it a couple of times more.
Do take a look, if you missed it like me earlier ;) I am sure you will like it. Even if you won’t end up loving it – it’s at least a great one time watch for sure.

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