Friday, June 29, 2012

The Accused (1988) - Drama

Another fantastic Jodie Foster movie – and am happy to read later that she even got an Academy Award for this one. One hell of a movie which deserves a standing ovation as per me. It’s a perfect close to reality thriller cum drama with an awesome background score and perfect casting. Specially Jodie’s character and her attorney, I have seen this chick in couple of more movies, damn good role and she looks simply stunning. Jodie in her 20s was a delight to watch – look at her confidence even that early in her career, the best part is – I had no idea that she got an Oscar for this role before I saw the movie and later I realize – yes! She deserved it for it big time. It’s a must watch for all thriller lovers with a real life touch – not for those with a weak heart as the subject is brutal and its handling is quite close to reality with a heart touching ending. Based on the life of a victim of a gang rape trying to get justice.
The Movie starts with Jodie in her 20’s rushing out of a local bar in torn cloths looking for help. Next we realize she was raped by three people previous night while she was high on drugs and alcohol herself. A district attorney is assigned to her case that has almost got the accused behind bars and they should be in for like good 4-5 years, but they do come to a compromise and the charges are less severe than they should be. Jodie falls out with her on the grounds that the rape wasn’t even mentioned while they get convicted. The beautiful attorney realizes her mistake and fights the case against – this time even against those who didn’t rape but cheered, clapped and instigated it. She even finds out that there are more witness than she was told earlier and goes them hunting. A couple of them come forward to help her too. But the case isn’t that straight as it sounds as Jodie too isn’t telling her everything isn’t true either and there are a lots of facts which are hidden by her. As she unearths all of them, you are realize even Jodie isn’t that clean as she pretends to be. What happens next is the movie all about. Would the culprit be brought to the table? Would they get the sentence they deserve or will they go scot free? Even the courtroom drama which isn’t too long is an eye opener.
Jodie Foster and Kelly McGillis as her attorney are too good. Both have almost got the same footage and importance in the movie. I have hardly seen or remember any of her earlier movies and it was a kind of shock and surprise for me to see her in this kind of a role. She fits in the character to the best and is so comfortable. Totally loved her body language, the way she smokes, throws her head left and right that typical Jodie Foster way as we’ve been seeing her for so many years. Last I saw her was in that rocking drama “Carnage” by Roman Polanski and here this one was made like 24 years earlier and you see almost same female – no change in as many years. She is simply stunning in those skirts and denims of late 80’s.  Background score of the movies is simply awesome as I mentioned earlier too the use of Drums – is what I loved in those early 70’s till late 80’s, here too it’s too good. It’s a must watch for all thriller lovers – the one’s which are close to reality. Not to be missed.

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