Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ferrari Ki Sawaari (2012)

I have learned in last couple of years of my movie watching that when you have least expectations from a movie - you end up loving it big time. Same happend with Ferrari Ki Sawaari. We had no expectations from this one - deep inside I wanted it to work for Sharman Joshi as that guy is talented but its just about takes a great director to extract that. As per me his best jobs till date would be a sure shot tie between "3 Idiots" and "Rang De Basanti" but now after FKS - I am damn sure its the current movie which will be his best till he comes out with something even better. Its no less than a great thriller as you actually remain hooked to the most of the movie which indeed is a roller coaster ride with so many comic moments thrown in. It indeed made me laugh out loud so many times. Sincerety of Sharman, Kid and Boman is totally outstanding with great performances from the addtional support cast like the care taker of Sachin's Ferrari, Security Guy, That political leader, his Son, Babboo Di etc. Its a damn good joy ride with a nice lesson in the end. A must watch for all Drama / Comedy lovers. Movies like these should be encouraged and I am glad that its already declared a hit.

It's a very simple movie based on Father Son relationship. Story of a teenager Kayo who thinks of nothing but cricket, his father Rusy (Sharman Joshi) who loves his son like anything and will whatever it takes to fulfill his dreams and Rusy's Father (Boman Irani) who hates cricket since he too played in his younger days but never made to big league cause of one of his friends who ditched him big time in the hour of need. Rusy is such a simple law abiding citizen that even while he works with Mumbai RTO as Head Clerk - he takes the rules and regulations too seriously, so much so that if he jumps a traffic signal by mistake - he goes to the extent of going to the nearest traffic police station and paying the fine for his fault :). He needs 150K to send his son to Lords (London) for cricket coaching. Tries everything he can like taking a loan but is denied cause of his low paying job. Finally a colleague gives him an idea to borrow Sachin Tendulkar's Ferrari as she promised one of her client (A political leader) that she will get him a Ferrari for his Son's marriage.

Rusy's father too was a cricketer and they think that Sachin will definitely come to their rescue and will offer them his car for couple of hours, solving their problem. But fate had something different in store for him. How he gets the car from Sachin and what happens next is a roller coaster ride of a life time for Rusy, his Son, Father and audience. Hilarious is the stiation he gets stuck in and very serious is the matter in hand. At times you feel seriously sad for them that they land in so much of trouble just to fulfill one small dream. But that small dream is too big for them to achieve. Its amazing the way Director has handled the whole situation and story. Told in such a light hearted manner that it makes you happy, sad, serious and yet puts you in a thinking mode too. We totally loved the character as they are so much out of the real life that you do see people like them in everyday life.

Sharman Joshi - gives performance of a life time. At times he goes over board but thats alrite as long as its a movie - we can still live with it. We were actually shocked to see that there isn't a female lead opposite him. Barring an item number (Ignorable) there aren't any songs in the movie - none that hamper the pace. Actually the pace is so nice that you dont even realize that its almost 2 hours and 20 minutes long. The kid who plays his son is too cute and definitely going to have a longer run in bollywood. Boman Irani as his dad is a typical parsi bawa and he plays the role with such an ease, later I realized - he is anyways a parsi guy :) - so this role has to be a cakewalk for him and on top of it - he happens to be one of the best actors in today's time. Paresh Rawal in a small yet important role makes you hate him. Rest of the support cast is too good to be missed - almost every character is written in such a way that they do leave a great impression on you. By the time it ends - you are actually in love with them all.

Sachin Tendulkar's cameo is debatable. The guy who walks out to bat with Kayo in the end in Lord's is almost a lookalike but am not sure if it was Sachin or not. Then I read somewhere that he requested for the same that they should not be showing his face. The Ferrari used in the movie is actually Sachin's Ferrari who he sold it to a Surat Businessman and who gladly let them use it in the movie. You can read his name in the credits at the end of the movie.

Its a must watch for all Drama / Comedy lovers.
Movies like these should be appreciated big time and I am glad that its already a big hit and will be a commercial success pretty soon. I am definitely up for a couple of more viewings.


Amit said...

Hmmmm..I would agree and disagree at the same time :) Well, some parts of the movie were a drag, it had the soul in the right place yet it was a wee bit overdone.. Logic was defied in some parts, in some the saccharine quotient was too high, also the predictibility part in such underdog wins the race is always there..The Vidhu Vinod Chopra camp has now a set formula - parsi old bawas, tearful moments for honest to the core protagonists, initially ignorant but later sympathetic support cast - been there, seen that feeling boss! Its entertaining yes, touching yes, but I won't watch it in its entirety again..Liked in parts, not as a whole!!

Keep writing!!!
Amit Mishra (the.mishra@gmail.com)

Rohit said...

You are right - it is predictable.
But I can certainly live with a movie which has its heart at the right place.
I have seriously stopped looking for Logic in todays movies.
This one although is too good when you compare it with mindless movies that we are served off late.
I don't have an issue with any director / producer having a set formula of movies - till they make meaningful movies which do serve some purpose - like this one gives you a right message a right way after all.

Thanks dude.