Saturday, June 23, 2012

Rampage (2009) - Action

A damn good example of frustrated youth of America, who goes on a killing spree for no reason or rhyme. But that makes for an awesome action movie to say the least. I never expected the kind of shock it gave me. I guess a similar movie came in 90’s too and I am sure it was based on a similar idea, I need to google it now big time to find that one and see it again. This was a totally shocking account of a very young guy – reason for his frustration is hilarious and the revenge he takes on the world is mind-boggling. I will definitely praise the director for showing it in one of the best ways, the moment the action starts – all you can do is keep your hand on your mouth and just watch with your eyes popping out. He is frustrated with his parents constant bickering to do something worthwhile with his life, his boss’s not raising his pay, a coffee shop guy not giving him enough extra foam, a restaurant lady serving and spilling his lunch all over him, too many people immigrating to USA etc etc. Solution?? Pick up the gun and shoot them all. It’s a must watch for all action lovers who can live with blaring guns and bleeding people. I loved it totally. 

It's the story of a young guy Bill, who lives with his parents and works as a mechanic with a low level workshop. His parents constantly try to tell him to do something worthwhile and move out of house as well. His boss isn’t giving him a raise either. The coffee shop which he frequents usually – the dude out there doesn't gives him extra foam as he demands on his coffee. He has his own set of frustrations, like too many people moving to American and making it trash. One fine day he decides to work out his own solution to the all worldly problems. Kill them all. He makes a bulletproof armor for himself. Gets a lot of guns, bullets, bombs and what not, fixes them all up. Now getting a gun that too a machine gun or an AK47 in US is a cake walk I guess. As every tom dick and harry in every second movie gets it just like that. Here too, no explanation given but you should see the collection of weapons he has, totally amazing. Picks up a big car and goes on a killing spree. Before that – he packs a lot of bombs in one remote controlled van first and blows off the town's police station. His killing spree is shot in a damn good way. He starts shooting people left right and center, doesn't even tries to know who they are, where they are going, what they are doing. Nothing! Everyone who comes in front of him will be dead in no time. A couple of cops, who try to stop him, lose their life too.

He enters a bank, kills the security guard with a knife who tries to overpower him. Robs the bank properly, at least kills half of the staff too. Very smartly he switches the money with fake notes and once outside the bank – burns the fake ones, shouting that money is world’s biggest problem. He goes from one place to another just like that killing people. He enters a beauty parlor and somehow decides to not to kill them, just picks up a glass of water, drinks it and as he goes out a girl says something which angers him further and he shoots them all too. He takes his personal revenges too and settles all his scores with people who’ve been frustrating him for long.

I kept thinking all this while how is it going to end? And what would be the motto of killing so many people and Director does answers that question. That too in such a smart way that it’s pretty convincing and you actually feel that the guy was too smart and he planned everything in advance and that too so well that he should be able to walk out of it unharmed. You’ve got to see it to believe it. All in all it’s a good action movie which does makes us think hard at least. So many times in the recent past we have seen those incidences when a college going kid picks up a gun and kills the innocent just like that before killing himself up. I am sure I have read that at least half a dozen times in the last couple of years only. Go ahead take a look – this should have been an eye opener of sorts for us and it does makes your eyes pop out and take notice of what’s going around us.

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