Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fatso (2012) - Comedy

Some movies are actually made I guess to not to work in theaters but are a nice one time watch on TV :), I guess same applies to this one as had no inclination while it was released. I wanted to see it big time for my favorite dimpled chick Gul Panag, Also Ranveer Shorey is a personal favorite as far as comic timing goes, Purab Kohli was a revelation in couple of his last movies and Neil Bhoopalam is growing stronger by every movie he does. Those are quite a few reasons for why we saw it today and found it a nice one time watch, it did made us laugh quite a few times and that unique "Life After Death" concept was totally rocking. First shot after death reminds you of "Ghost" but thats where the comparison ends. For a movie only 100 minutes in length - this is too good to be missed. I did like it and will certainly see it a few times down the line as and when I need some good hearty laughs.

Its a very simple and straight forward story of Nandini (Gul Panag) and Navin (Purab Kohli) who are in love and are about to tie the knot. When Navin meets a freak accident with his friends Sudeep (Ranvir Shorey) and Yash (Neil) on board his car. His friends survive but he dies in the accident. Once Navin reaches heaven, he realizes his death was actually a clerical error, he argues with the administrators and bosses in heaven. They agree to send him back as they actually wanted to pick up Sudeep and somehow it happened that he died instead of Sudeep, Since his body was already cremated - they cant send him back, but give him a choice to either stay back or get in Sudeep's body and he will be killed in exchange - in his desperation he agrees but as soon as he comes back he realizes that Yash is in love with Nandini and is dumping his own girlfriend for the same. He has no option but to win back Nandini as Sudeep, as he tries to tell them his story but no one believes. Would he be able to win Nandini back? How he handles Yash and other friends including his family is simply hilarious.

Purab Kohli proves yet again that given an opportunity he is a damn good actor. Ranveer Shorey anyways is a very good character player, here he looks perfectly capable of pulling that Fatso character with two different spirits - Awesome job he does, his facial expressions, confusions, body language - almost everything is superbly done. Gul Panag looks chick, somehow I did not like her part too well as there was so much scope but I guess Rajat Kapoor (Director) wasnt able to extract what I expected from her. Although Neil Bhoopalam was too good in his short role, the girl who plays his girl friend was good too in her brief encounter. Movie has its own flaws too, like the initial scene when Navin dies and the guy picks him up to take him to heaven's office, the scene is a rip off from movie "Ghost", second when he returns back to check on Nandini and he fights with the guy and run helter skelter while Nandini and Yash are sitting at her house and talking - you could actually see Nandini & Yash's facial expressions to be laughing yet doing a serious scene. They could have handled it much better though. Movie never for a moment lets you become serious with the narrative but keeps you smiling throughout even while the going gets serious.

I will still rate it at least a notch higher than an average movie and can still be seen and enjoyed. Its a nice one time watch anyday cause of its length and light hearted comic timing. A unique experience of life after death. Go ahead - take a look - who knows you may end up loving it. I will say, you will not hate it for sure.

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