Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Piranha 3DD (2012) - Thriller

Another sequel bites the dust. These days they have a set formula of making a movie. The next big thing is 3D. This one fails on all the counts, the cast - although is gorgeous but dumb, too many hot chicks roaming around topless, Glossy Finish, Water Sports, A Cameo by David Hasselhoff, Body Parts Chopping, Biting, Blood, Gore, Sex, Nudity and lots of it - Nothing could save this one. Even with a running time of 75 minutes :) - the last 10 minutes are dedicated to goof ups and all. Still it wasn't worth all the money and effort you put in to see this one. 3D gives me headache and hence we decided to see it at home. I was shocked to see the content and was actually wondering - how in the hell Indian Censor Board cleared all that and it actually released in our part of the world - Indeed Shocking. Ignore if you haven't seen it yet - you are not missing anything - Rather you should pick up the earlier part which was way too good and it had my alltime favorite Elizabeth Shue too in it.

This one has nothing new to offer and runs on the same formula of Piranha's getting the access to the Water Park on the opening day itself when its all crowded. As they say it has a "Wafer Thin" plot and anyways in this kindda movie who cares about the plot, when you have so much going on the screen for you to digest. It is full of hot chicks right from the word "Go" - all types of hot chicks, top less to total nudes, dancing and swimming in the water as there is no tomorrow only to be bitten and eaten by hungry Piranha's in 24 hours time. There are couple of over the top scenes like the one in which a Piranha enters a girls vagina and stays there for a day before biting her boy friend's Penis and the poor guy had to chop it off to save himself. I mean thats a little too much but still thats one unique thing in the movie.

Guest appearance by our favorite life guard David Hasselhoff is too good. Totally loved his part and comedy. Its too good to see him after such a long break - doing that typical running in slow motion like he did in "Baywatch". Even while the end credits roll and we see those goof ups with David in them is too good to be missed. With a running time of hardly 80 minutes - still the movie misses the whole plot big time and you take away nothing with you to talk about. It cant even be considered a good time pass. Ignore if you havent seen it.

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