Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Teri Meri Kahaani (2012) - Love Story

Another feel good movie, have fun, enjoy two hours of sheer lovy dovy scenes and go home happy as all so called “feel good movies” will have the happy endings so no shocks in here. I have always argued with my friends that Priyanka Chopra isn’t versatile, she proved it with 13 roles “Ashutosh Govarikar” offered her in a single movie, barring a few – almost all of them were similar with nothing special, She again failed a fantastic Director like “Vishal Bhardwaj” that too with merely 7 roles and what should I say when “Kunal Kohli” offered her only 3 in same movie? It’s there for all of us to see, even my wife was angry on the choice of actress for this one as she is big Shahid Kapoor fan and blames Priyanka for this disaster. All Priyanka does is change the cloths and almost all three characters are exactly same, C’mon Kunal – you could have definitely done better than this. Unfortunately Shahid’s sincere performance which is damn good works big time for me, every character he plays is way too different and quite convincing, still the movie isn’t worth one watch – let alone a healthy discussion on the same. It becomes another movie that you just see and forget. Sajid Wajid again prove disastrous, barring one tune, you don’t take home nothing with you. When it comes to period movies – we Indians neither has resources, nor have energy or interest to make them interesting – so I have no grudges with Kunal Kohli on that department. It’s quite laughable – only if you have seen the movie – you will get what I mean. We were happy to see our next door neighbor play one of the friends of Shahid in two parts and that was a life savior other than damn good short roles by Prachi Desai (She is hot) and Neha Sharma. For a moment I was confused – isn’t this from the same guy who gave us “Hum Tum” which I loved immensely and “Fanaa” which was still good but then I realized yeah! It is from the same guy who gave us duds and pointless movies like “Mujhse Dosti Karoge” and “Thoda Pyar Thoda Magic”. I should have seen GOW again – I guess.
The Idea: Taken from a Taiwanese Movie (Three Times), Thank god that none of the story has got anything to do with others and it’s actually a breeze to see three regular run of the mill love stories go by to a predictable ending that’s stretched too far. Even with that kind of a running time it looks over stretched as by the time it comes to conclusion – you actually want it all to end so you could go home. Its actually so bad – if you ask me for a love story – I was expecting that will be hooked to it to guess or see how it all ends, but nothing like that. Time and again – it has become a proven fact that we Indians cant make one convincing period drama – so many big shots have failed in the recent past – even with that kind of money and resources. This isn’t an exception either – look at the way they have created the so called “Era” of 1910 and 1960. I mean I was so heartbroken and irritated to see the same Tram come by again and again and again in the 60’s. Boss, we know you rented an old tram and made it work too – but how many times you are going to use it? Back to back to back? I thought if it comes one more time – I am going to jump in front of it and kill myself. Look at Priyanka Chopra’s make up in current times, 60’s and even in 1910 – hats off. Not one thing changes in all those years. Same thing for Shahid – but he looks so awesomely different, his built was fundoo in the 1910 character with those biceps, grown hair and fundoo Sher – O – Shayari’s, a struggler in 60’s his body language, dialogue delivery, facial expressions were so good and in 2012 character – he had that boyish college going kid charm, but alas the script doesn’t work for him this time too. For me it was a very bad choice to pick up Priyanka for this role – she definitely couldn’t pick up the characters and becomes a big turn off for me. More than her – it was damn good to see Prachi Desai and Neha Sharma in those small roles – yet you love them totally and am going to remember them for quite a while.
When it comes to recreating the 60s or 70s in our movies, its been done so many times and so beaten to death subject now a days that its very hard to impress the audience. Check out any tom dick and harry movie of Hollywood – I would say check their B grade stuff with flash backs and going back in time, you will be damn impressed even by that and then look at the stuff being served in our part of the world. There is this song in this movie too where Shahid does a Shammi Kapoor look, we actually laughed on the background so much, I mean there are a group of 15 ladies dancing with different sets of cloths and then there are 15 sets of guys wearing different sets of cloths – all colorful and not at all at sync with others, c’mon – it wasn’t this colorful at that time man. Same hair styling for everyone and same looks. Nothing new. Totally a big turn off. When they go back in time to 1910, Director takes a safe way out by offering them all to wear Kurta’s and Shahid gets to wear a Pathani Suit mostly. So you can’t argue. ROFL stuff. Imagine two lovers who were destined to meet and fall in love again and again and again - till they keep meeting, whatever time and era they take birth in but some mercy should be shown to support cast too. Look at poor Prachi Desai, she looks so cute and lovely - walks out of Shahid's life like anything - no mention anywhere? or was the director time bound to wrap up all the stories in flat 30 minutes all three times that he just had no time to waste on Prachi or Vrijesh's character as they were removed from the movie with no mention? I was looking for some little justification. Later they sew all the parts in final 20 minutes where everything falls in place and we have a happy ending for all the couples.
Music of the movie – the less said the better – I guess Sajid Wajid should stick to their role of judges on some reality TV show they do and take total retirement from that department. Not one song I could remember by the end of the movie – barring the signature tune, nothing came home with me. Don’t know about others – if it worked for them. But no ways for me. It never works – songs are just about ok when you see them on screen – fortunately Shahid is too good hence you can still live with that kind of music as you hardly notice the bad music. Other departments of the movie – less discussed the better. I guess Priyanka took training from Kirron Kherr for her early 20th century role as I could actually see her on screen all the time as she used those Punjabi words. Whats with her make-up? She was the daughter of a Freedom Fighter that too in pre independent India and she was gorgeous with flawless make up and looks. But again – I guess it’s a feel good movie – so we should all forget that and be happy. She again wears her Trademark Denim Hot Pants with Boots yet again. I guess she’s got only one pair that she uses in all her movies – may be they are lucky for her or somethingJ.

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