Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Rowdy Rathore (2012) - Hindi Movie.

As an individual movie - it works mostly cause of its comic timing and action. Hear this - my daughter saw it with me this morning, paused the movie half the way, went up to call her friend who happens to be a Rathore ;). Showed it to him and as I type this - she is helping herself with a second viewing. It has so many "Oh shit" moments - specially action that works big time for the movie. One more thing - akki is such a favorite of my kiddo that she isn't allowing me to laugh on the rowdiness of the movie rather I'm supposed to just smile :). Item number by Kareena with Prabhu Deva and southern superstar Vijay was damn gud. Vijay's dance step had us in splits.

My take - its a great entertainer with usual akki stuff but Sonakshi was a surprise to me. Although she is getting type casted now with same Behanji roles. I guess she is the modern Mahima Choudhary. Hope she does better roles in future.

As a remake - it stands nowhere near to its Original with Ravi Teja in lead. Trust me, its not even one fourth of how and what he does in the movie. I'm sure my telugu friends who have seen that movie will agree with me. It was a rocking movie and akki stands nowhere near his body language and moves.

Final verdict: A good time pass but watch out for violence if you have kids at home. My kiddo agreed to forward the violent part :). Its indeed worth one watch for sure. 

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