Saturday, June 23, 2012

Colombiana (2011) - Action

If you like Slam Bang – Thank You Mam Action movies – you are going to love this J. Out n Out Friday night action stuff. It made me think again and again while I saw this that – looks like the script was written with Angelina Jolie in the mind and they end up taking Zoe Saldana for the same. Still it is a damn good one time watch. It indeed reminded me of Angie’s last two movies that I saw “Wanted” and “Salt”. Although this one isn’t that strong in content but with that kind of action who cares about the content as long as everything is eye candy. But kudos to the director who gave us “Transporter 3” – the highest grossing amongst the Transporter Trilogy – it’s no wonder that this one’s action sequences are wonderfully choreographed. Zoe certainly is capable of giving her counterparts a run for their money in the longer run. Her movements were like Cat Woman and action was beyond my expectations. Even the little girl who plays her childhood part was too good in the brief role. If you like Action movies – you should not be missing this one. 100 minutes of sheer fun not to be missed.

My Sunday morning started with this one, I started it very casually while checking some emails on my phone and as it started giving us the aerial view of Colombia with two guys talking and coming to a conclusion where the first one a Gang Lord lets the second one go free. The moment second guy walks out, the first one says to his men “Kill this mother fucker”, the other guy goes out and tells his team that they are going to face the music now, I kept my phone down and started to take interest in the movie. And did I pick up my phone for next 90 minutes? No ways! And I don’t even regret. Right from the moment “Go” this turns out to be a action packed movie. The moment this guy comes home, he instructs his wife and kiddo to pack the bag and they will be leaving the country. One moment you see the wife packing the bags and running with the daughter and the next moment when they realize there is no way they can get away from the scene – they go for the backup plan and you see them picking up huge guns, even his wife had quite a big gun in her hands. They both die but the daughter somehow escapes as her dad had already set up an escape route for her just in case something happens to them. She goes to Chicago and joins her uncle. The way she escapes from Colombia and those guys is worth a mention and the sequence is totally awesome. Her uncle promises her revenge only if she follows his path and admits her into a school.

15 years later: The real action starts now as the girl is all grown up. Even her entry is classic as she comes full speeding in her car and bangs a cop car, only to get arrested for drunk driving overnight. In the meantime a high profile criminal is escorted by cops in the same prison and I realized – it wasn’t an accident rather a plan and how she executes the whole scene is just simply outstanding. Before even anyone could realize what happened – she is already done with first of her revenges. One by one she takes on every one who was responsible for her family’s assassination. Every killing sequence is better than the last one and the final climax sequence is totally mind blowing action. The way she is tracked by FBI and Cops hand in hand still they aren’t anywhere near her – let alone catching her is a little over cooked but those are the cinematic liberties that we give to our Directors and forgive them in the name of sheer entertainment. Use of technology, her artillery, fire power, a little love and romance, the movie has almost everything to make it a bloody good experience. I will recommend it very highly to all action movie buffs. Even if you won’t love – you will enjoy it for sure. Go ahead – pick up a six pack and enjoy the action.

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