Monday, June 11, 2012

Dogville (2003) - Danish Drama

If you like Theater / Stage Shows / Plays - you are going to love it. Otherwise I can guarantee you - sitting through almost 3 hours that too when the director behind the movie is "Lars Von Tier" - isnt everyone's cup of tea. Its a sort of an experiment movie shot on a stage with almost no sets and nothing. Its actually hard to explain. The whole story is narrated by John Hurt - I simply loved his voice and at times felt as if it wasnt him but Anthony Hopkins voice. There is no scenery, no walls and almost nothing but the lines drawn on the stage to show us houses, roads, church and every other thing. Imagine, where he wanted to show us Gooseberry Bushes - you see "Gooseberry Bushes" written on the floor in white :) - Although scenes requiring a car driven will have an actual car being driven, there is a scene where they have 3 of them at one point of time on stage. Its a story of a female played by Beautiful Nicole Kidman whose being chased by some gangster, she takes a refuge in the town of "Dogville" where there are only 15 citizens reside with some kids and a dog. She offers them physical labour in return for them letting her live. Her stay changes the lives of the people of town big time and what happens next is the whole movie with a superb ending.

As I have seen some his earlier works - I was totally hooked to it - although its too slow and Nicole Kidman runs the whole show but the way it is shot is something I had never seen earlier and that kept my interest going. Shot with One Prologue and Nine Chapters - its a damn good watch. But as I said - Not for everyone and there is hardly anything in the name of "Entertainment". Its a heart touching story though with a perfect ending. It kept me thinking in the end judging it and somehow I was convinced. Nicole Kidman has lived that character so well that actually feel for her character big time. I kept hoping for something good for her - right round the corner as I felt she deserved it but the director had thought of something else for her. I was shocked with the twist in the end.

Do check it out if you like that kindda slow movies with a very unique way of showing things. This is definitely making me find his other works and watch them.

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