Saturday, June 09, 2012

Gringo (2012) - Spanish Movie

I'm a little biased towards Mel Gibson movies right from his Mad Max days ;). No wonder I end up loving this one too. I mean how can one not like a movie which starts with two cop cars chasing two jokers in a car and it ends with them crash landing their car in Mexico and to top it all its full of stolen cash with something hidden in the boot too. Its a rocking cat and mouse chase game between bad guys and Mel with some hilarious performances from support cast mostly mexicans. Its a great time pass and a roller coaster ride of about 100 minutes with guns blaring, bombs exploding and Mel Gibson trying to save a child and his mom from the bad guys. A must watch for all action and thriller lovers. You may end up liking Mel's sincere performance, if not its at least a great time pass.

Every year hollywood comes out with a couple of movies giving us the feel of Mexico, last year it was Machete - which I totally loved - although that too didnt make a big dent on the box office and a lot of my own friends discarded it. Fortunately they all saw it and dumped it. Thats even better than dumping it based on critic reviews. Hence, I had to see it. A couple of my friends who are hard core actioners loved it and swore by it. It took me sometime to get a decent print though as have no idea whens it going to get released in India. They may not release it at all too.

As I said - the first impression of it is too good, movie starts with a breath taking pace of a car being chased by two cop cars. Looks like they have robbed someone of a good amount as they have some bags full of hard cash in the car, Its driven by a joker and another one is sitting on the back seat - looks a little hurt he is throwing blood all over the place. Somehow I guessed it - that the drive has to be Mel Gibson as almost in all his movies - he does gets beaten big time in the start gradually picking up things mid ways and comes out winner by the end - Mostly. In no time he beats the cops and crashes over the boundry of Mexico. The Mexican guards almost gave them over to the US counterparts and just then they notice the bags full of cash :) and they take control of the jokers and arrest them as a procedure.  The backseat guy dies by the end of the chase and Mel Gibson is arrested. They call him Gringo and he goes to a strange prison which doesnt even looks like one. As its run by some kind of third party agency and the prisoners have to do all kinds of odd jobs to survive.

Gringo, does his learning quite fast - he gets to know the whose who of the prison, who is the boss, whose his right hand, whats going on and stuff like that. Where to get the money, food, guns etc. Its hilarious to see how he gets the weapons, money, works too makes friends with a 10 year old kid who himself is going through tough times with his single mother who works for the owner of the prison. Even the kid has to take a revenge for his dead father, there is a sub plot going on too in between Gringo's story. The owner of the prison is actually waiting for his own Lever Transplant and this kid happens to be a perfect match for him. Rest of the movie is - how Gringo sums it all up, kills the guy he steals the money from, Saves the kid and his mother from the Gangster. Action sequences are shot damn well. Typical Mel Gibson stuff with good amount of comedy thrown in between. Its truly fantastic to see him doing what he does best.

If you are a Mel Gibson fan like me - do not miss it at any cost.
A total time pass and great action movie.
You will not regret seeing this one - although I wish I had seen it on big screen.

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