Friday, June 22, 2012

Brick Lane (2007) - Drama

I read about this movie during this year Cannes Film Festival and with Tanishtha Chatterjee and Satish Kaushik in lead with that subject in hand - just couldn't resist it. And I am glad that I did see it finally today. Last we saw her was in "Road Movie" again with Satish and Abhay Deol and that was a role wherein she was indeed noticed, haven't seen her in a movie for so long. I was shocked to see that even this movie was made in bloody 2007 and we hear no mention of the same anywhere. Obviously its too serious a subject that it was based on hence it had no entertainment value whatsoever. Based on the life of a an immigrant couple from Bangladesh and how their life changes after 9/11. Its quite a convincing account of their life as it raises so many question as you deeply delve into the subject and lets you think hard. Initial half hour almost made me angry and offensive by the way they always show us Indians in poor light even after so many years but then I realized it wasn't India they were in but Bangladesh :) - My wife actually pointed out that "Now you must be happy, right? since its not India". Its a must watch for those who like real life based dramas. This one is too close to reality and has an awesome ending, one that you do not see in our movies at least.

The movie is based on the life of two sisters, no mention of their father in the story, even the mother commits suicide one fine day, no reason disclosed. The elder one whose story this is, hardly 17 at that time is quickly married to a guy double her age (Satish Kaushik) and they move to London's Brick Lane, where they spend rest of their life. Her younger sister keeps writing her letters about her life and she also keeps replying to her. Those letters are the only connection she has with the outside world. As she is married to a very conservative Bangladeshi Muslim, she follows all the traditions and rituals, you can see her always in a Sari with even her head covered almost always. Even when she goes out for usual shopping - she is almost invisible to the world and vice versa. Its amazing the way the Director has handled the cast, specially Tanishtha's character and Satish Kaushik, they are right opposite, She has nothing to be happy and cheerful about and takes her life as it comes and on the other hand - even the guy is having so many problems of his own, right from the work he does to his family life, yet you see him always cheerful and normal as if nothing has happened.

She has no idea where the money is coming from or what her husband does for a living. The only goal in life she has is to go back home somehow and meet her sister. They have no money and resources to do so thats why they've been living their for years and never went back home. Her life changes the moment a new neighbour comes to stay in their building. The lady offers her a sewing machine with which she can make one pound per cloth she does the stitching for. She starts working hard while taking care of two young daughters too. A young guy in the form of cloth supplier comes into her life like a breath of fresh air. She actually looks forward to his coming as he becomes the second connection with the outside world. She almost falls for him and they have an affair in no time, as you can tell by their expressions and you actually as an audience want her to do that cause she too has a right to live her life and be happy about something. Fantastic is the way its shot and the way their fight for every day life is shown. Totally convincing. Your heart actually cries for her. Then 9/11 happens and the life of Muslims world over changes. They too were no exception and go through tough times as if they were already not struggling. Finally her husband decides to go back to Bangladesh, he too has some doubts on her wife having an affair with a young guy but he never says a word to her. His eyes and expressions though say a lot. Will they wrap up everything and go back? Their elder daughter revolts and threatens them that she will not go back at whatever cost. It has a peffect ending - one thats quite close to reality and the one that we do not seen in a lot of movies these days. You've gotta watch it to believe it.

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