Monday, June 11, 2012

Madagascar 3 (2012) - Europe's Most Wanted

The day we heard that Madagascar 3 is beind made on 3D, we were all excited and waited its release with bated breath as my kiddo and we both too are big big fans of Alex and his gang. Have been following their histrionics since the very first movie. "I like to do it do it" is like an anthem to us - not one weekend or long drive goes by - without singing and dancing to the tune of that song :) - such is the effect of Alex. My 6 Year old kiddo has seen like a couple of 3D movies but none of those experiences came any closer to this one - Imagine - I saw her trying to touch the feathers, clouds, Alex, Marty and their friends. I personally ducked at least 5 times the objects they were throwin out of screen on us and kiddo claimed that "She actually got hit by something" :) Its a must watch for all fun loving people. Sunday morning 10 AM show was packed with 60% adults followed by 40% kids and we all actually laughed, cheered, shouted throughout the movie. Not to be missed at any cost.

Alex and his team continues their adventure this time to Europe to find their hijacked plane by smart ass Penguins :). And the moment they land in Monaco the fun starts with them being chased by a Fundoo Animal Control Officer - who would leave no stone unturned in trying to kill or catch them. She is too good and too smart a character which I guess should be taking the revenge on them in the coming part may be. The chase sequences between Alex & Co. and her are excellently shot. On 3D they are simply superb. I was shocked by the attention to details i.e. the scene where they are in a SUV and she is chasing them with her team of cops on Scooters - I could see the route they take is actually the same track they had used in last months Monaco Grand Prix, the visuals of that tunnel through which F1 cars pass are the same in the movie. Even the surrounding area, buildings and everything. Its simply outstanding. 3D is actually very effective here. Couple of shots - I could see from the top row that people would sway left to right to save themselves from the stuff being thrown on the audience, it felt so real. I myself ducked a couple of times as I mentioned. For a 3D movie thats an awesome achievement. It cannot be considered anyway lesser than a perfect thriller.

I saw more and more adults were having great fun better than the kids as we could actually understand almost everything, the story, the happenings, and jokes - I guess kids are happy with the visuals only cause they hardly understand the whole thing. The guy sitting next to me came alone to see the movie and I was happy to see him actually laugh out loud throughout, I am sure he did not miss his company as we all had so much fun. It was just that he didnt had anybody to give a hi5 to - Like we did :) The whole circus stuff and the climax sequences with neon lights, song and dance and everything is mind blowing. Too good to be true. It has to be seen on a big screen to understand what I am talking here. Not for one moment I felt out of place and I was actually annoyed when my kiddo's popcorn finished mid ways and she told me to get another pack right then and there :) - I hated missing the 10 minutes but loved to see her hooked to it.

Its a must watch for all. If you like movies, you are going to love this. This is at least 5 steps ahead than a regular fun movie. Do not miss it at any cost.

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