Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Constant Gardener (2005) - Thriller

There are some movies which make a deep impact on you and even after they end – you just sit still in front of the screen digesting the whole thing as the end credits roll. This became one of those movies with stunning restrained performances from Ralph Fiennes and Rachel Weisz. It’s no less than a damn good thriller which does makes its point very clear. Recommended by a friend – I was giving it just a casual watch when I got engrossed in the subject and the bare truth it was based on. Amazing stuff and outstanding handling. Later I read that it was based on a true incident and then I imagine how it would be to actually do all that in real life. Someone did it, obviously. It’s all about money and power these days. It was a sort of an eye opener and I was asking myself – what have this world come to now? Pharma companies are actually making medicines or diseases? It’s like – make a medicine first and then the disease to register profits. Use any third world country as a Ginny pig for the same. And in the end you get all the fame and money too follows in billions. I was actually unable to explain the scenes to my daughter when she asked me “Papa, who are these guys? And why are they killing those people? Are those bad guys?” On one side you have stunning locales of Africa that you wish you could go there and on the other you have those goons killing people left right and center for no reason. It’s a must watch for all thriller lovers especially for those who like real life story based. This is one of the best that I saw in quite a while.
It starts on a very low profile and then goes on at a lethal pace with the audience hooked to it and wait for the ticking bomb to go off any moment. Initial impression of first half hour was like it’s a love story. The way its shot and presented is that the director wants his audience to be intelligent and grasp the whole thing as it goes on. I totally loved the narrative as he never tries to feed you anything and you need to be attentive to differentiate between the live action with flash back but it’s not too hard to understand. With people like Ralp Fiennes, Rachael Weisz, Bill Nighy, Danny Huston it’s just too good. This movie made me realize even in real life – when you have nothing to lose – you become a dangerous commodity and tend to take everything head on as you have no fear of death. The way Ralph’s part is written – it gives you that feeling. Initially you think – it’s just an accident and as things unfold and he realizes the gravity of the situation and the bare truth comes open, how he fights the odd to uncover the whole conspiracy and where it ends is heartening to see. Even at that level he is so helpless working with British High Commission / Unite Nations – that tells how deep our society is gone down in corruption. Its everywhere at every level. The world has just become a commercial one and its only money and power that matters. I read somewhere “Money isn’t everything but its 90% of everything” how true that is – in the context of this movie. How innocent people are killed for no fault of theirs. Still so many are doing so much for those who need it and are still unsung. This is one incident which did came to lime light – how about those – who don’t even get to see the light of the day.
This is a must watch for all, if you cannot do nothing else – at least sit and notice the effort of those who are trying to make it count and amend the ways of society. They may end up gaining nothing and may lose it in the end, still their efforts should be applauded. I was stunned by the ending as the credits rolled. Couldn’t turn myself away from the screen for minutes as one by one all the names rolled by with a African lullaby played in the background. My 6 year old kiddo noticed that I was too engrossed on the movie – said “Dad, Even I am liking this song, let it play”.
Do not miss this at any cost.

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