Friday, June 29, 2012

Everybody Says I'm Fine (2001) - Drama

Directorial debut of Rahul Bose and a brisk 100 minutes of fun, mostly shot inside a posh hair salon serving an elite group of Mumbaikars. The protagonist Xen (Rehaan Engineer) has a gift and he can hear the thoughts of his clients while cutting their hair. How he helps them overcome their problems is the movie all about. His clientele includes Pooja Bhatt, Koel Purie, Boman Irani, Anahita Uberoi and a couple of youngsters. Even Xen has a painful background and mostly lives inside his Salon or on the first floor room attached to the same salon. Its an average one time watch – I somehow missed it earlier hence was catching up and totally loved Pooja Bhatt’s small role and Koel Purie’s fundoo performance. Rahul Bose himself does a great cameo. Check it out – if you haven’t seen it – it isn’t that bad.

The Movie is based on the life of Alexander referred as Xen who has a unique gift that he can connect with anyone’s mind while he cuts their hair. He owns a salon called Xens in a posh locality of Mumbai where all the elite Mumbaikars visit. While he was a kid he saw his parents were burnt to death in a freak accident in a recording studio while he cried for help from a sound proof room. Then onwards he lives a silent life and is kind of packed himself inside a room and his only connection with the world is his Salon. He even keeps his television on mute while watching. He has all kinds of clients, from Businessmen to Film Industry strugglers to College Grads to Desperate high society’s wives etc. Some he likes and some he hates. He always tries to help them in one way or the other. Like its shown he tries to help Pooja Bhatt in times of needs, she is struggling with her divorce and is out of cash, at times he lets her go without paying her bill. Then there is this Businessman Boman Irani, who is very successful but is having some family issue which isn’t told to the audience in details but you could make that much out by his conversations on phone. Anahita Uberoi as a cocaine addict who is more interested in life of others than her own and how she tries to screw Pooja’s life is worth a watch.

Xen himself is a quite confused character and has no idea where his life is going plus he comes across one of his clients Koel Purie, for some reason he isn’t able to connect with her mind and is not able to hear her thoughts. Then comes Rahul Bose as a Industry struggle who’s trying to get himself a good role in a movie and fails all the time. One day he comes in his salon and has made up his mind that he is going to commit suicide. Xen wants to help him but how can he? Then he has Boman who is also going to do something very sick and sad, on top of it he has Koel Purie in almost a breaking situation. How he helps them all settle their lives is the movie all about. It does takes some unpredictable turns and shocks the audience but for good. You’ve got to watch what happens next; would he ever come out of his own problems? It’s a neat 100 minutes watch, a simple yet engrossing one. Check it out – you will not regret it for sure. Plus it has some nice songs in the background.

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