Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Fall (2006) - Action Adventure

Tarsem Singh is one of my favorite Directors when it comes to making visual extravaganza with or without a competent story to back it up. If you have seen his other works like “The Cell” with Jennifer Lopez in lead or the more recent “Immortals” which made quite a few headlines or the latest “Mirror Mirror” with Julia Roberts in a negative role which again made headlines yet wasn’t liked that much by critics – me included – they were all a visual treats for its audience. Although all of them would have been fantastic movies if they were backed a little bit with better stories to tell but I guess that’s not Tarsem Singhs forte anyways. I would say – if you have a HDTV – pick up any of those movies and impress all your friends by showing them damn good use of bright colors and breath taking locales – never seen before places – its more like watching Discovery Channel. Totally rocking places this guy shoots all his movies with mind-blowing visual effects to say the least. The movie that we saw today was so damn good that even after it finished we were looking forward for some more. This time the story of the kid and her action adventure loving characters is totally awesome. Imagine – in the end my wife indeed asked me “Do they give Oscars to kids too?” cause if they do – this girl deserved it big time as per us. If you like visually strong action adventures – you should not miss this at any cost. Its worth all the money you will put in for a Blue Ray or at least a decent DVD.

The Movie is based on a story set in the early 20th century about a Stunt Man meeting a five year old girl in a hospital and their time together recovering with their own injuries. The guy who has met with an accident while filming a stunt and the girl had a broken arm plastered around shoulder in a very awkward fashion which makes her look even cute in the movie. He creates a story to entertain her and as he keeps telling her – she keeps imagining the visuals and that's what we see on screen. The story is about five heroes whose enemy is an evil ruler and they all seek revenge from him one way or the other, they are later joined by a mystic hero who is even better. The girl keeps imagining her characters to be strong men fighting all odds to fulfill their wishes in a most beautiful manner possible and the way it is captured in camera is simply outstanding. I will never forget those stunning visuals – may it be the shots in desert, forts, amazing sea shots, lakes, and stunning visuals of Himalayas, leh laddakh, Islands, Lake Palace and all the other areas. All those sites make it a totally engrossing movie – one of its own kinds. While watching a movie – one thing in particular I don’t like is when they take breaks in between scenes but here it is done so well that whenever the guy takes a break from the story – it is done so subtly well that you actually don’t mind and go with the flow. The girls little activities in between works more like a filler than an interruption.

The characters – Lee Pace as Roy Walker / Bandit is too good and quite convincing, he develops a special bonding with the little girl and she almost takes him as her own father. How he uses her to fulfill his motive is heartening. Catinca Untaru as Alexandria is too good, one character which refuses to out of my head, awesome. Jeetu Verma as Indian is too good, we have seen him in so many small times roles in India movie – here he is too good. But my favorite character will be Leo Bill who plays Charles Darwin with a monkey. Rests of the characters are lovable too but these three made a big impression on me and were too good.

Once you get hooked to the story – there is no looking back as you realize all the characters onscreen are actually people she comes across in her daily life – its just a matter that some are good and some are bad in the story and not in the real life. The girl is too cute and the way she speaks, makes you laugh and takes you more closure to her character. I can certainly watch this movie for its stunning visuals a couple of more times as my wife too told me to keep the copy for future viewing and she is recommending it big time to all her friends too. Director has shot it actually from a viewers perspective – it so happens so many times that when we see something on screen and do not agree with the narrative – we wish that we could change the on goings a little bit and make it more as per our choice – and that's exactly how they change it here – right when you think the war is lost and there isn’t going to be happiness for the characters – the unexpected happens – it's a delight to see how the story unfolds, how the characters fight with the enemies to emerge winners or to lose mid ways. One amazing watch. Go ahead take a look – I am sure it has more then one reason to be loved. Like we did, one experience that you will never forget and oh! By the way – if you haven't seen his other works like I mentioned above – do check them out too. They too are equally good movies – none that one should miss.

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