Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Gangs of Wasseypur (2012) - Crime

So many thoughts bubble up in my mind as I start to write my take on "Gangs of Wasseypur" - from the ticket buying experience of Anurag Kashyap's fans ganging up in theater to my childhood days - when I used to see one movie per month as my pocket money was 5/- a month and that was the price of one Balcony Ticket during those days (Read late 80's) and then - I will talk about that movie almost whole of the month and will kill my mom with every scene again and again till she will give up and give me an advance pocket money and will force me to watch some other movie and come back with a new story :). This morning when we went to watch the movie - we were the first one's to arrive and the ticket window wasn't opened yet, then we had another guy walk in, then a couple and then a couple of more couples. As the dude casually turns up and opens the ticket window - we almost shouted on him to check his watch as the show will start at sharp 9 AM as per us. He switches on his machine and the first guy on the window says "One Ticket - Gangs of Wasseypur" - the window dude says "Sir, change please". I was right behind this guy and shouted "Give him three tickets" and the dude behind me seeing a 500/- in first guys hands shouts "Give him five". Expressions on the face of the dude on counter were priceless - simply mind-blowing as he gave us five tickets and we all almost ran inside as none of us wanted to lose the starting credits. That's Anurag Kashyap Magic and these are his fans. Are you still looking forward to my take? Its an Experience that one should have - that too Big Screen but please if you are looking forward to Entertainment like "Sajid Khan / Rohit Shetty" stuff - please stay away. But if you want to see realistic cinema - showing you - what happens and how? this is it. I will not be surprised if this franchisee turns to be a commercial disaster. Second part will be a definite success but first is not going to be a successful commerical one for sure. Who cares? Not Anurag and Not his Fans. We loved it and will definitely contribute our part by seeing it again.

What disappoints me big time nowadays is that when a Director like Anurag Kashyap makes a movie like this one. He actually deserves clap, cheers, hoot, shouts, applause and hands in air moments but todays highly educated crowd of multiplex just smiles and "Sighs" - no wants to Whistle and shout "Yoo Hoo" like I did in a theater with sitting capacity of close to 600+ with 15 tickets sold only. But I glad that I did made a great friend who was properly in sync with my feelings and keeping me company with my emotions going high with every new character stabbed and killed by Sardar Khan (Manoj Bajpai) in most brutal possible way. With almost no background score to pin drop silence to Piyush Mishra's voice over on 20000+ Watts of Audio System - I cant even put it in words how it felt - everything is so insanely beautiful about this whole movie and it took our movie watching experience ot a new high. Those days are gone when I will regrest not being born in the times of those great Directors when they were making those classics - which now we watch and gasp in amazement. I am proud to be born on a time when Anurgag Kashyap is making movies. It was an amazing feeling to hear the thump of Royal Enfield with Sardar Khan riding it and his two associates throwing crude bombs and hurling bullets on enemies - left right and center and Sardar telling them "Maar saalon ko, ek ek ko maar" it was an amazing feeling giving me goosebumps. Killing some one with that brutality never made me happy but this was a vengeance long due hence the outcome and the feelings associated with it. This is exactly how you show - how it happens. There is this one scene where Sardar stabbs a guy multiple times with an "Ice Breaker" - once twice thrice and the guy too fights for his life before crashing - I will never forget this one scene and lots of similar scenes or the whole movie for a long long time to come - I am sure of that. The rattle of old Mahindra Jeep in which they move with no doors - is superb music to my ears. Amazing is the way he has captured the mood, era, feel and it takes you so close to reality that even the camera looks like a character. The very first scene of the movie - the whole shoot out at Sardar Khan's haveli - gives you a feel that "You've been with them" and not that you are watching it sitting in a plush theater in chilling air conditioner.

Its an ultimate revenge story starting from pre independent India and ends around late 90's and will go forward in the second part which is very highly awaited - I just simply can't wait to see it now. Almost every character you come across in the whole movie - gives you that "Hand Picked for the role by Anurag Kashyap", may it be damn good kids to the hot women - he has chosen for the job. Even when the second wife of Sardar Khan played by "Remme Sen" has hardly any lines to speak - you will not forget her character - this must be called one of her best appearances on the big screen as she looks fuming hot to say the least. Richa Chaddha is another revelation, she plays the role of a perfect nagging wife to the T. Sardar Khan is dreaded by his counterparts and enemies both - but inside the house - you should see his expressions change - he is totally a different guy inside his own house in front of his wife. Its hilarious to see their conversations. The guy who plays Shahid Khan (Jaideep Ahlawat - Manoj Bajpai's Father) - is one hell of a character - his fight sequences are simply mind blowing with that damn good make up and effect - its totally outstanding. This guy is going to go a long way now and i am sure a lot of Directors will pick up him now for a varied list of roles. Piyush Mishra and his voice over is another high of the movie - he has a unique way of delivering his dialogues and his character is one of the best things about this movie. Totally loved him. He is the one who takes care of Sardar Khan once his dad is killed. Yet! the best character in this part is definitely Sardar Khan and Ramadhir Singh (Tigmanshu Dhulia) in a role of a life time. Never expected the director of a couple of best movies of bollywood to do a role that too in a first of its own kind debut. Unbelievable role and what an ease he is with that character and role - Kudos to Anurag to pull it off in the way they have done this.

I have a bad reputation of "Not Singing a song ever". Imagine when I was in school - long back - I was always thrown out of Music Class as I will never sing. Never sang my school prayer or even the national anthem - till today. Songs of the movie never appealed me. Even after downloading the whole album and listening to it - I deleted it immediately as the songs were not upto my taste. When we reached home after seeing the movie - as I hummed "O Womaniya" that too in a romantic mood - wifey turns to me and says "WOW, which direction did the sun rise today?" ;) Again, thats the magic of Anurag Kashyap - as the sexy image of Remme Sen doesnt go off your mind so soon in that sexy revealing saree. Dialogues though do not have that impact this time round they do always in all his movies still they hold pretty good. Although its a little too long for the regular movie goer - hence I saw some people complaining of too much running time, should be edited like good 20 minutes and stuff like that. I did not had any such issues as I would have definitely loved to watch the whole 5 and a half hour long movie in one go like the people in Cannes did and loved it too. Now we will have to wait a couple of months more to see the continued story which is going to be even better than what we saw uptill now.

Its a must watch for all thriller / action movie lovers. Its a treat to Anurag Kashyap fan's, I guarantee - you will be asking for more by the time it ends and wouldn't like to get up from your seats even after the end credits roll and you see the trailer of the upcoming second part. Its a delight and an amazing piece of cinema. Not to be missed at any cost.


Vee said...

Mast hai yaar. Movie bhi aur aapka review. You gotta be true lover of cinema to pour out it so nicely. I have watched twice and would like to watch once more in theater before it is gone.

Rohit said...

yeah man.
Anurag Kahsyap - even I am looking for a second helping myself - before it goes out of Cinema :)
Its an amazing piece of work.
This is my dedication to him and all his fans.