Saturday, February 02, 2013

1920 Evil Returns (20120 - Horror

Yes, I have run out of movies as my download speed is way too slow than my watching speed – hence the outcome that I am actually checking out the leftovers which I somehow downloaded but never checked. Now this movie is a big shame in the name of Horrors and I am sure it must be making Ramsey Brothers (World famous for making crappy Horror movies in India) proud that their genre of movie making is still alive at least in our part of the world. You must have heard of handmade sets but this one will teach you a new thing called “mouth made sounds” – if you have seen the movie you will definitely agree. I carry a reputation of getting scared too easily and it’s way too easy to please me by the simplest of the horror movies but this one made me laugh big time so you can imagine what kind of a horror this will be. This is indeed another lesson in “What not to do and how not to make a movie” and I am dead sure that this wouldn’t even have worked even if made into a TV series as we have better serials on the same subject. The only good thing about this movie is that another guy can show a movie to his credit in direction and one of my favorite guy (Wont call him an actor) gets another movie to do after so many years. It was actually kick ass fun to see Aftab donning another serious role that too he plays a poet in this one – classic recipe for a disaster. I wonder how people would have survived this disaster – especially those who have seen this on big screen that too on 3D. Hats off to those and a grand salute to those who even liked it as I believe it did quite decent commercial business too in our part of the world. Ignore it big time. If you haven’t seen this yet – you are blessed as there are better things in world than watching crappy movies.

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