Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Raid: Redemption (2011) - Action / Thriller

I will definitely call this one as one of the best Action Thrillers of the recent times, totally awesome movie with a damn good old school action and break neck pace that keeps you hooked throughout its running time of 100 odd minutes. They don’t make those awesome movies based on hand to hand combat as we used to see in 80’s, if you missed that kind of action – chances are you are going to love this and will see it multiple times for sure. Hats off to the whole team and it makes me doubly happy to see this one not coming from the usual America, Britain or better Korea, although it kept reminding me of Jackie Chan, Jet Li, JCVD and usual Korean movies which are way too good than their counterparts from anywhere else. It’s a very simple story told in most riveting manner of a sincere cop Rama who is an expectant father on an assignment to kill or arrest a Crime Lord from his own fort (A huge building full of criminal tenants). They are a team of 20 young cops with no backup or information to outer world of their attack as they are betrayed by their own chief. How they make their way in the building and clear it off the criminals as much as they can and how it all ends – makes up for a fantastic watch, never seen anything which comes any closer to this one. The movie has everything right from 100 bullets being fired every 5 seconds to superb chase scenes inside the building to awesome hand to hand combat. It’s too kool to see a criminal giving up gun to take two guys head on and beat them black and blue before hitting his own destiny. It has so many “Oh My Freaking God” moments that you will just open your eyes wide and your hand will automatically reach your mouth in disbelief, ruthless killing, slashing, stabbing – it has almost everything you love seeing in a perfect thriller. I mean there are couple of scenes, where you actually see a guy being stabbed like 6 times in 2 seconds – imagine the speed – Fantastic. Everything about the movie is so damn apt and great, even the background score is superb. The only thing I disliked is that it’s not in English and you have to watch out for subtitles and that at times irritates you as you need to watch out for the scene as well as read what they are saying. If you like thrillers – you are bound to love this one and it will remain one of those movies you will feel hard to forget for quite a long time. Do not miss this at any cost, I will definitely give it great 4/5 and two thumbs up.

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