Friday, February 15, 2013

Game Change (2012) - Political Drama

Not too long ago I used to get confused between Ed Harris and Woody Harrelson for some reason and was too happy to hear that both of them were coming in one movie. But the big turn off for me was that it’s a political drama (I hate that genre actually) still somehow decided to see it cause of the added attraction Julianne Moore in it. And I must tell you its simply a “WOW” movie – took me totally by surprise as it was actually based on John McCain and Sarah Palin’s Republican Presidential Campaign. First shocker for me was – why would someone make a movie on a losing candidate? Even then and because of the interesting premise I simply couldn’t miss it. Its too good a movie – something in between a drama and a thriller for me, totally liked it, it almost kept me hooked throughout with excellent performances by the three leads, outcome could be anybody’s guess but it was fantastic to watch something we followed quite closely not so long ago. Woody Harrelson surprised me with his role big time, he reminded me of that term called “King Maker” the way he preps Sarah for her interview and campaigns – simply too good. His outbursts in the very end of the movie are simply outstanding, seeing him in a role totally opposite to what he does was totally awesome. Although the real Sarah Palin and John McCain called it untrue and didn’t even view the movie, still it gives a great insight on US political campaigns and how they make and break a political figure. It’s a good one time watch and a definite 3 stars from my side – being a political thriller hating guy – I am sure this is an achievement of sorts for the movie. If you haven’t seen this – check it out for interesting portrayal of some good American political figures by Ed, Woody and Julianne.

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