Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hit & Run (2012) - Action / Comedy

A good time pass movie based on “Out of the frying pan but into the fire” concept – a total roller coaster ride right from the very start till the very end. Throwing a dozen interesting characters, one better then another and superb situations with ample of comedy and action stuff that never bores you for a moment but keeps you hooked to the final moment. Surprisingly half of the departments are taken care by its lead Dex Shepard, right from being the Hero, Producer, Director (partly), Writer, Editor and even the screenplay was done by him, Superb Job I will say. It’s a very simple story of Charlie (Dex) who is being protected by state in a witness protection program in the supervision of hilarious US Marshal Randy (Tom Arnold) and his girl friend Annie (Cute Kristen Bell) has to go to LA to attend an important interview for her new position at a college. As they set off in his favorite project car Lincoln (Restored and awesomely made by his dad - You’ve got to watch out for this one) – the ride turns out to be a joy ride for audience as one after another all the Charlie’s secrets keep opening with every new character introduced in the movie. Charlie’s real identity before the witness protection program, his past, friends and enemies – everything gets blown over and there comes one of my favorite guys Bradley Cooper (Wasted in this one though) as Alexander who shares a dark past with Charlie. What are they behind and how they get to it makes up for the rest of the story but a very interesting watch for sure. I will certainly give it a good 2 and a half stars and highly recommend to those who like time pass – Action / Comedy stuff with no head and tail. It did make me laugh big time and kept me glued throughout. Watch it – you will like it.

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