Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Vishwaroop (2013) - Thriller

Another Kamal Hassan movie which breaks my heart big time is what “Vishwaroopam” turns out to be – I had such huge expectations from it and it falls flat on its face, at least for me. I can never forget my brothers words to me way back in mid 80’s when he claimed that Big B had the power of changing the whole script of the movie – if he wished and unfortunately that sounds so true for this one. I mean C’mon man! You want to make a thriller – get a good story – get a proper script – rope in a nice Director and let him do his job. Here everything looks so damn forced, since saab knows classical dance so he will start with that, he can do comedy too – so we will have a lot of comic moments, and no one can beat him in action anyways – so we will have over the top action too, not that I have problems with that – surviving so many similar movies in a year is an art for the audience (myself included) but when the name “Kamal Hassan” gets associated with a movie – expectations are bound to get huge. I guess that’s the difference between Rajni and Kamal, Rajni trusts his team and hence his movies are way too high on entertainment quotient and Kamal doesn’t – hence takes everything onto himself and it becomes a little too much for the audience. Unfortunately I cannot praise it – just because this movie belongs to him. As an individual movie – it never works for you beyond a couple of laughter’s and some scenes, the whole idea is laughable and offers nothing new to the audience. I mean would you believe if I tell you that Kamal plays a RAW agent who works for a decade under cover to uncover a nuclear attack by Osama and team that too in USA? And how he does it all is the movie all about. On top of that – they actually have a call with Indian PM praising him? For what? Saving US of nuclear attack- LOL. Had they made a serious thriller and did some proper research before serving it to the audience – it would have surely made for a meaningful movie with good entertainment value too. The thrills are so damn cliché and slow that it can only be called a Drama at best. If you have seen it – you will know what I am talking about. Its an average one time watch for the sheer drama and over the top handling and definitely doesn’t qualify as a movie which you will watch every in future.

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