Saturday, February 23, 2013

Liberal Arts (2012) - Comedy

You should see this movie if you are in mid 30’s (Like me) and in real don’t feel a day older than 19, if you are a hardcore romantic (Like me again), if you love English literature (I love it) – you should never miss this one at any cost. If you checked on all three points – you are going to love it, cheer for the guy, stand up and clap (I guarantee you that). This one takes you back to your college days and gives you exactly the same feeling you get when you visit the city / town from where you have a close connection – remember the feeling you get every time you pass through the school or college you passed out from? That’s exactly what this one does – it’s a magically fantastic movie – Superb! Jesse (Josh Radnor – Director / Screenplay) is a guy in mid 30’s, works for a college, visits his own college after one of his favorite professor Peter (Richard Jenkins) requests him to come over for his retirement dinner to say nice things about him. There he meets 19 years old Zibby (Elizabeth Olson), his professor’s friend’s daughter. Instantly they develop a repo and almost fall for each other, what happens next is a joy ride for audience and how his life changes for good. What I loved about this one is – heart to heart discussion between its leads and rest of the cast – too good and seriously cut out of everyday life. The way they discuss books, authors, lines from famous writings etc is too good to be true. Like his crush on one of the hottest professors of romantics is simply superb – I mean who doesn’t have a crush on a teacher ;) provided you had one hot one in campus. His dilemma in falling in love with a girl half of his age, his interaction with his ex professors and current kids on the campus is simply fantastic. The whole movie is such a breeze of fresh air for me – totally loved it and will definitely keep it for future viewings too. Do not miss this at any cost – you will have a great time.  

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