Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Killing Them Softly (2012) - Crime

Another disaster from Brad Pitt which has almost nothing to offer his fans, I was totally shocked, surprised, bored, yawned to see what they had on offer for good 100 minutes and on top of that they call this “Neo Noir Crime” movie. WOW, kill me before you make another of these movies and put it in that genre – it’s a disgrace if you ask me. All they do in the movie is talk talk and talk and then talk some more while the presidential elections go on in the background with Barack Obama going through all his campaigns. Movie goes almost no where from nowhere and it kills me by seeing three of my favorite guys wasted big time in totally inconsequential movie that includes Brad Pitt, Richard Jenkins and Ray Liota. Barring one finely shot shooting sequence in a moving car in slow motion, that’s the high point of the movie other than that – it has nothing good. If you haven’t seen it – ignore it like a plague and if you have – let me know how you liked it. A total disaster – won’t even waste any of my stars in rating this trash.

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