Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hope Springs (2012) - Rmantic Comedy

I love movies cut out of real life situations and this one was an exceptionally good example of the same with terrific casting. I had no idea what the movie was all about till I started it and my day just got brighter by seeing my favorite Meryl Streep in the very first frame and second shot my excitement manifolds with Tomy Lee Jones as her husband. After three decades of marriage – they have hardly any chemistry left in their married life, they both sleep in separate rooms for years now, hardly interact – the only time together they have is while having breakfast or dinner, its quite heartening to see their daily routine. That’s when Kay (Meryl) gets worried and starts looking for a solution and signs up for a week long Intense Marriage Counseling in a small town in Maine and guess who turns out to be the guiding doctor? Steve Carell – Fantastic choice and what a way he performs the same. How her husband Arnold (Tomy) reacts to the same is simply fantastic – I love him so much exactly for his body language and priceless expressions. It was simply superb to see all of them interact and the solutions given by Steve to them as sessions and how they do all that makes up for quite a great watch. So many times I felt as if Tomy is going to get up and beat Steve black and blue – not to be though. I am going to add that the movie turns out to be an eye opener – after being married for almost 8 years now – I will vouch that the situations are true and truly taken out of real regular life. We actually get in so much into the regular lives that we forget rather start taking our own loved ones for granted and that’s where the problem starts. This movie works big time like an eye opener – giving perfect solutions to such an important issue in our lives, simply superb way of putting so many points across that it will make you smile, laugh and think over it that you will agree that most of it holds true in every couple’s life in one way or the other. I will recommend it very highly to one and all – if you are married this makes more sense but if you are not – it is still a great lesson in learning for the future. Over and above that – it makes up for a fantastic comedy if nothing else. A definite 4 stars from me and two thumbs up. Not to be missed by any one at any cost. I am going to keep it for future viewings too.

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