Friday, February 08, 2013

David (2013) - Thriller

After a barrage of mindless entertainers here comes one movie which keeps you glued to the narrative of almost 150 minutes for a finale which actually makes you smile. I had full faith on Bejoy Nambiar (Director) since I loved his last movie “Shaitan” which was altogether totally different from what we have in hand in “David” – I didn’t even miss his TV series called “Rush” on MTV based on final three days of festival in a college campus. David – the story of three gys with the same name and what happens to them in the year 1975, 1999 and 2010 respectively is the movie all about. This was like a breeze of fresh air right from the very start, highly unfortunate for Neil Nitin Mukesh to get a movie like this and lose the opportunity to make a mark as his becomes the weakest chapter of the whole movie. Vikram is one of my favorite actors from down south and even in this one he proved his mettle yet again. Look at his body language, expressions, timing, his timing especially the screen time with his Dad’s ghost (Saurabh Shukla) and Tabu as his best friend. Even Isha Shravani as a deaf and mute girl leaves a big mark on the audience – she is stunningly beautiful. Even the third story of a struggling artist is captured in a damn good way. Its actually the cast of the movie which should be credited big time, damn good actors taking it on their shoulder to keep the story going. Not for one moment we weren’t engrossed looking forward to the “How dunnit” stuff. Right from the very first frame and introduction of characters to the time line, I predicted exactly how they are going to criss cross each other by the time it ends and Bingo – when it does – puts a wide grin on my face. Unfortunately it isn’t working too well at the box office but I totally liked it, if it wasn’t for the first story of Neil – I would have surely given it a good 4 stars but still will call it a good 3/5 for sure. A worth one damn good watch for those who do not like to leave their brains behind while watching a movie, it even has good entertainment value if nothing else.

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