Friday, February 22, 2013

Jayantabhai Ki Luv Story (2013) - Romantic Comedy

I know you won’t trust me – if I say that I actually took my chances with this one – dunno why and end up actually liking it. Initially before watching the movie, my reaction to this one was “Why in the world some one will ever take Vivek Oberoi for a movie at all?” and after watching it – I can say two reasons – for sure no one will do this kind of a movie with a lousy script and two an almost unknown cast. But I thought – what the heck – when I can watch almost every tom dick and harry – rom com from west – why not one from our part of the world and trust me – it works big time – if you have no expectations whatsoever (With a Vivek Oberoi movie – what kind of expectations one can have anyways?). It’s a very sweet and simple story of a street thug Jayantabhai (Vivek) who falls in love with an uptown girl Simmy (Neha Sharma) who is way beyond his league and how it changes both their lives is movie all about. With so many comical situations thrown in – it does puts a smile on your face with Vivek’s genuine efforts, although at times he goes over board and over acts (As he does always) but still it works in parts and makes you laugh too. Even my wife praised him for this role which looks like a jumbled up version of some half a dozen Indian movie characters from recent years. Neha Sharma is cute and does her part well – so far this will be called her best job in bollywood as she is already a dozen movie old. If you can watch a light hearted western comedy – you can certainly live with this one too. I will definitely give it a good 2 and a half stars with a thumbs up – a definite one time watch for sure.

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