Friday, February 01, 2013

Here Comes The Boom (2012) - Comedy

How bad a movie can be with Kevin James and Salma Hayek in it? I was sure it would be a good one time watch and surprisingly it turns out to be way too good than that. Although it’s a predictable fare right from the very start but who cares, as long as it gives you some hearty laughs at the end of the day. Kevin James is a school teacher, bored of his job, never on time, one his colleague’s job is in trouble because of the cost cutting done by management. How he raises the money to save his friends job and music program with the help of his own students from a part time class makes for an awesome comedy. This guy Kevin never fails to surprise me with his histrionics – I mean it’s totally amazing to see him doing all that. I still haven’t forgotten his scenes and chemistry with Will Smith in “Hitch” and this is exactly the same type of role he plays in here too. Watch out his scenes with Salma Hayek – even she surprised me big time with her awesome beautiful looks, although a brief role but it’s too good to see her in a movie like this. Its quite a breeze but a little over 100 minutes of runtime, never lets you relax for a moment with so much happening at break neck speed and the finale is the best part of the movie. it did rock me off the chair so many times and totally enjoyed the whole thing. If comedy is what you like – you should see this on a lazy Friday with friends to enjoy it even more. I will definitely give it a good 2 and a half stars. One each for Kevin & Salma and the balance half for the story and handling. It’s a great time pass for sure if nothing else. Check it out.

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