Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Death Race 3 (2012) - Action

Death Race is another franchisee whose quality is constantly going down with every new sequel they are making, the first was the best obviously because of Jason Statham and a personal favorite, second one was still something which kept me glued throughout, unfortunately third one looks more like forced than a regular high adrenaline action movie. Although it has everything from Killer looking cars, trucks, SUVs, Stunning Hot chicks ready to strip in the blink of an eye, stunning locales of Africa and good amount of action plus an added twist in the tale which puts a smile on your face, its predictable yet it does surprises you and readies you for the upcoming  4th part. It definitely works like an individual movie for sure and keeps you hooked to most of the part because you really want to know what happens to your favorite Frankenstein in the end. But the mediocre action and chase sequences are a turn off of sorts and have that “been there done that” feel to them. Another good part about the movie and something worth praising is its cinematography, the camera work is brilliant and works big time in giving the movie a real good feel. It’s an average one time fare unfortunately I felt disappointed as I had huge expectation from it. A good 2/5 from me, check it out if you have spare time and nothing better to do or ignore it but I will be looking forward to the next installment big time as the twist in the end makes the things interesting for the future.

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