Thursday, February 28, 2013

Wreck - It Ralph (2012) - Animation

Another superb animation with a heart – I was glad that it did get an Academy Nomination as well as a fantastic victory, after seeing it last week – I realized – it deserved it big time. I will call it another movie where the Director’s imagination gone wild. When I was a kid (not so long ago) – we brothers used to imagine – how would it look like if we get into one of those game consoles and see for ourselves if these characters that we play with are real? What do they do in their spare time – I mean when no one is playing the game or when the machine is switched off? This is exactly the same thing captured in a superb animation voiced by some of our own favorite actors. No one can beat John C Reily when it comes to this kind of comedy movie and his voice as Wreck It Ralph is simply superb. Wreck It Ralph is actually the bad guy with a heart – who wants to change the whole thing and become a good guy by winning the medal as only good guys win the medal in all the games. What happens next is a superb roller coaster ride of close to two hours with all the characters from a lot of games coming alive and running from one console to another and Ralph in search of his medal which he has to win to prove his point. It’s terrific to see some of your favorite childhood game characters come alive in front of your eyes and makes up for a fantastic thriller cum action cum animation cum drama. It has almost everything in it for everybody. Unfortunately I don’t watch too much of animation these days as my kiddo keeps giving me the doses of animation from time to time (sometimes unwanted) hence I skip on a lot of them but thanked God that I didn’t skip this one and saw it finally. If you like Animations – you are going to Love this one and if you like Thriller cum Action movies – do not miss this at any cost. It’s a definite must watch for all and I will rate it a good 4/5. Not to be missed.

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