Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Deep Blue Sea (2011) - Drama

I totally love British Drama’s because of their detailing, the way the characters talk; I simply love their accent and the dramatics behind everything i.e. you’ve got to see them dine or having a cup of tea in the evening. And if you come across a movie which happens to be some kind of period drama – never miss it at any cost if you can live with a very slow moving story, almost going nowhere but telling you about the dilemma of a human being in and out of love, that too in a most dramatic way.  This turns out to be an excellent movie for the superb performances of its three leads – first and the best is lady in question – Hester played by gorgeous Rachel Weisz, who is married to a respectable judge Sir William Collyer (Simon Russell Biel) in a restrained act and her lover Freddie Page (Tom Hiddleston) in a fantastic role which makes you love him one moment and hate him the other. William loves his wife Hester big time and is a respectable man living a very comfortable life but she doesn’t love him one bit, still he cares about her so much, she falls for a young guy, and walks out on him, initially it works out well but later she realizes he doesn’t love her the way she does. Her husband, who keeps coming to see her and still cares about her, wants her to come back to him but she won’t at any cost. Watch out for those parts where they interact, the lovers, husband and wife, Rachel’s interaction with her mother in law, with her new land lady where he is living in with her boy friend etc – they are simply superb, totally loved them. She is so damn gorgeous and equally expressive, fantastic expressions throughout the movie, it’s like she was throwing five expressions per minute to the audience and you end up loving them. The lighting effect, period and feel of the movie is so 50’s, the songs being sung and played in the background too help a lot. If you like slow movies with a lot of drama – you are going to love this. I will definitely give it a good three stars and two thumbs up.

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