Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Seven Psyhopaths (2012) - Comedy

There are so many reasons why one should watch this movie for – it’s a treat if you like slasher thrillers with people being shot left right center and blood spurting out of their slit throats – amazing superb fantastic movie this one turns out to be. Inspiration and comparisons with Quentin school of movies and action is inevitable but still it holds itself quite well. No one can trash a movie with giants like Colin Farrel, Woody Harrelson, Sam Rockwell and my personal favorite Chris Walken together in one movie that too when it is titled as “Seven Psychopaths”. Right from the very first frame you being a fan of the genre exactly know what is coming next and where it is going. The another brilliant part is the way these leads talk and discuss, at times deciding what’s coming next as what should and what should not. To clarify on that – it’s actually based on a struggling writer (Colin) who is working on a screenplay and his good for nothing actor friend (Sam) is helping him out with the characters and situations. Sam himself does nothing but kidnaps dogs for a living and helps their partner in crime, another friend Hans (Chris Walken) whose wife is suffering from cancer. Since its their screenplay – they have full right of turning it any which way they want and what they do with the same is simply superb. Unfortunately one fine day – they end up kidnapping a dog that belongs to a gangster (Woody) – what happens next is anybody’s guess and makes it for a superb action thriller. It has superb and enough action to hook you up to the very last scene so much so that I didn’t mind it rewinding it couple of times to enjoy those heartening discussions between the leads. Fantastic action and a must watch for all thriller lovers. You will enjoy it for sure, do not miss it. Looking forward to see it on big screen as and when it comes to India.

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