Friday, February 08, 2013

Fired (2010) - Thriller

Thanks to my friend Shakun that I got hold of this fantastic movie by Sajit Warrier – almost a first time that an Indian Horror cum Thriller impressed us big time. Short and sweet 80 minutes of running time had enough to send some real good chills down our spines and give us damn good jump in your seat moments. Shot in its entirety in one big office in London with a seating capacity of good 100+ people. Rahul Bose plays brilliantly the character of the boss who fires 121 people from his own team because of the economic meltdown and decides to move on as his company gets acquired by another company. It’s a commendable job to shoot the whole movie with major part played by only three characters, the boss (Rahul), his manager Ruby (Militza Radmilovic) and the office security guard Khalid (Dinesh Lamba) – rest all characters keep coming on and off on mostly phone calls. The boss is having an affair with his hot manager with a kid and promises her a secured future yet fires her as the need of hour. What happens next is a superb game of cat and mouse chase with the ghosts of whole team coming and haunting him in the secluded office as he tries his level best to finish one last task and head home. Leading to a superb finale – what happens in the end is something you’ve gotta watch it. As a horror movie unfortunately it failed to impress me but yeah! It works big time as a damn good thriller. I don’t think it got a proper theatrical release as I never heard of it all these years not even saw it coming anywhere on any channels till I hear about it from my friend and I am glad I did as Rahul Bose is another damn good actor to look forward to. It’s a must watch for all thriller lovers and a good 3/5 from me for sure. It has everything you look forward in a thriller cum horror, shocking moments, blood and gore, damn good sound effects and excellent glossy finish.

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