Saturday, February 09, 2013

Jack Reacher (2012) - Thriller

Another typical Tom Cruise movie which offers nothing exciting or new and the big fan in feels disappointed yet again, I guess this as per me is the lousiest Tom Cruise movie in last couple of years. Right from the very first scene, to his introduction to the better than average finale – it always gives me that “been there done that” feel. As we have seen him in a dozen or more movies – he plays another ghost character, which can never be found, chased, beaten, get caught, shot, unless he himself wants it. Jack Reacher (Tom Cruise) is an X US Army Office and a drifter, who comes to investigate the case of a US Army Sniper who one fine day goes on a shooting spree and kills 5 innocent people. He had a hunch that there is something behind the shooting innocent people than what it looks like and what he uncovers is supposed to thrill you but unfortunately in the end it makes you feel “Oh yeah, so that was that, Okies” Although it has everything like a conspiracy theory, investigation, a couple of idiotic chases, double crosses etc. Even Richard Jenkins, Eye candy Rosamund Pike and a brief role by Robert Duvall couldn’t save this one for me. I was surprised to see why in the world he did this movie which has almost the same stuff and nothing new to offer? Does he even cares about the script or the story as where it is going? And the shocking thing is – look at the box office figures – even then the movies makes a big amount of money, guess his fan base is too loyal to him and ends up checking all his movies even if they have hardly anything to offer. I missed it because it didn’t last more than a week in our nearby multiplex and the numbers of shows too were too less to accommodate my time schedule, but I am now glad that I missed it. Barring the half hour in the very end which kind of compensates for the lousy story there is nothing to look forward here and this one definitely doesn’t have anything to go for a multiple viewing. Give it a miss if you haven’t seen it – I would rather pick up one of the MI series again and enjoy it.

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