Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Paperboy (2012) - Thriller

The only reason why one should watch this run of the mill thriller is because of Nicole Kidman’s superb work as a seductive Charlotte Bless, in love with a man who is on a death row for killing the county’s sheriff. She takes Jansen Brother’s (Mathew and Zack) and their colleague’s (David Oyelowo) help to save him from the execution. Unfortunately it never works for me as its never tells you one story consistently – goes from one character to another and before even you get indulged with one gets over with it and moves to another. Even the thrill part only works at best as a drama. Mathew looks like walked out of “Lincoln Lawyer” set to straight this one. Nicole Kidman is too good in the role of Charlotte trying to save her wrongly convicted boy friend Hillary (John Cusack) in a altogether different character, again a guy you love to hate him in this one. Zac Efron as younger Jansen is good – first time I liked him in any movie where he could actually express himself. I will definitely not call it even worth one time watch for the same reason as you have no connect with the whole idea unfortunately. For Nicole Kidman fans – it’s a definite treat but that’s that. If you haven’t see it – trust me you are not missing anything but if you are a fan of hers – do check it out once – chances are – you may end up liking.

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