Monday, February 04, 2013

End of Watch (2012) - Thriller

One of the best cop dramas that I saw in the recent times, fantastic is the way they have shot the whole thing, hand held camera makes the audience a party to the whole thing. It actually made me feel as if I was “in the movie” rather than just watching it. One more thing that I totally loved about this movie is that “Michael Pena” one of the leads – finally gets a full fledged movie to his credit – have seen in so many movies doing his bits so well yet never got his due. I am sure with this one – he will definitely get that deserved attention. A damn good heart touching story of two young cops in LAPD, who keep unearthing so many crimes day in day out – become a hit in no time with the department obviously they do make some enemies on the way and how it all ends is although predictable yet it shocks you big time. A movie which starts quite slow keep picking up speed with every turn it takes – taking it to a thrilling finale which actually choked my throat. It’s an awesome one time watch for sure and I will definitely give it a good 3/5. One each for the two leads, their friendship, chemistry, stories and an additional star to give us a real time account of two honest cops, as real as it could get. If you like thrillers – this will definitely work big time for you, even otherwise it works like a perfect one time watch.

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