Thursday, February 28, 2013

Killer Joe (2011) - Thriller

I simply love the way these Texans talk – that rusty feel is too good. This one was a typical American action cum thriller with one of my favorites Matthew McConaughey (Whose name I always had an issue spelling and pronouncing) at the helm of things as a good bad and ugly guy altogether. It’s a fantastic idea of making quick money to pay debts gone wrong – predictable fare yet engrossing and the way the whole thing is shot is too good, kept me glued throughout. Story of a defunct, bankrupt, crazy family where one member is shittier than the other, one crazy father and a hottie step mom (Gina Gershon) a crackpot teenage sister (Juno Temple) and the main guy – a debt ridden brother (Emile Hirsch). The plan is to kill the real mother who has a $50K insurance policy and the nominee is the little sister, make it look like an accident with the help of a cop and a part time contract killer Joe (Mathew). What happens next is anybody’s guess with everything going wrong – not exactly as per plan leading to a thrilling ending. It’s a good one time watch – a super time pass movie with so much happening. I will definitely rate it as 2.5/5.

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