Monday, February 11, 2013

ABCD (2013) - Drama

Here comes a fitting reply to western “Step Up” and all those dance based movies and what a movie this one turns out to be – totally rocking stuff. I had no great expectations from this one as it comes from a Choreographer turned Director – Remo D’souza, whose last outing “Faltu” was a time pass one time stuff with nothing great on offer, he has definitely bettered himself with this fantastic movie, hope it works for him big time. We will rate it at least two notches high then Step Up and likes because with those movies you have hardly any connect than plain dance and a little drama, with ABCD, you have a way too stronger connect as it’s based on real time situations, a city you have a great connect with and it’s way too high on drama, emotion, action and expression. So much so that my kiddo stopped eating her favorite “Cheese Pop Corn” half the way and was totally engrossed – she picked that bucket up again only at break, I had that lump in my throat situation 3 times minimum and the cinema hall was jam packed with people cheering and whistling with every new electrifying performance. The dance numbers are way too high on adrenaline and as a critic I was shocked to see the performances as they are all professional dancers – I mean – if you see the movie – do give a close look and watch out for those long shots with almost no cuts for minutes. The three dance moves done by Prabhudeva had no cuts whatsoever and we were shocked / happy to see him do all that in one go – Superb! Even the initial chase sequence between the guys and cops is worth all the money you pay to see this. Use of 3D is amazing – it gives a new depth to all the masala and trust me – it was FANTASTIC! This movie now currently holds the record of “Most expensive ticket ever bought by me” for I guess quite a while and it was worth all the money we paid as the moment we walked out of the theater – wifey said “I am definitely seeing it again”. It has everything one good movie should have, a damn good cast, fantastic dance, music, story, cinematography, chicks are hot, guys are good. I was shocked by one of the critics as he judged them low on “Acting” – I really wonder how he got time to judge them on acting while so much went on the screen to totally hook anybody up. It’s a must watch – if entertainment and fun is your definition of a fantastic movie – some movies deserve a big screen watch that too on 3D and this is one of them. I will definitely give it a good 4 stars and two thumbs up.

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