Friday, February 01, 2013

Don Juan DeMarco (1995) - Comedy

I somehow missed this fantastic movie earlier and had been in my collection for like months before I could see it finally, today was the day and what a sweet movie this one turns out to be. I am sure no one can shoot it down anyways with that kind of story being played by three of the best known actors of their own times. I’ve been a Johnny Depp fan for like ages now, dunno which one was his first movie that did the magic on me, this one too is an exceptionally good performance from him as lovable Don Juan DeMarco and who else could have played the character of a fundoo psychiatrist than Marlon Brando. He was too good – unfortunately I hardly saw any of his movies other than God Father series and had no idea about him so far, this one impressed me big time. And how can I forget to mention his sweet beautiful wife played by Faye Dunaway – I am sure she is one of my Dads and his generation’s favorite actress. Having all of them in one movie is a lethal combination and it indeed makes the movie a breeze of sorts. It offers some genuine laughter’s, hearty smiles and a damn good message in the end. Johnny Depp plays the character of a Don Juan – the greatest lover in the world – at least he thinks he is and Marlon Brando tries to put some sense back in him but gets swept away by his charm and rekindles his own long lost love with his sweet wife. You’ve got to watch out for their chemistry – it’s simply amazing the way they pull it off at that age and it makes up for a fantastic viewing. Even the background score, cinematography is too good, a damn beautiful movie, visually too it is very strong and impresses you big time. If you like light hearted comedies – this will be one of the best and trust me – even as it ends you will not be getting up till the last name of credits roll up, it will have that kind of effect on you. Fantastic movie – not to be missed by anyone.

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