Friday, February 22, 2013

Compliance (2012) - Thriller

Another based on true stories movie – a perfect thriller which shocked us big time and made us think there are all kinds of people in this screwed up world. We were actually glued to it throughout the 90 minutes of its running time as the story unfolds – it kept gripping us further with it with every new scene the shock value kept increasing. More then 70 similar cases have been reported in the United States around 30 states where a caller identifying himself as a police officer orders a strip search of a female restaurant cashier who as per the report had stolen money from a customer’s wallet. The restaurant manager tries and verifies the caller who claims to having spoken with restaurant chain’s regional manager. The whole movie is shot with the cop on call asking the manager to try different ways of extracting money out from the girl or disclose where she has hidden. While he goes through her house and is about to arrest her brother for doing drugs and all, she is devastated as her brother is innocent and goes through the turmoil to save herself from being jailed. The torture that she goes through is worse than going through a rape and it shocked us big time with what we saw – imagine this all happened more then 70 times in real life – what pain, anger and frustration these victims must have gone through. How it all ends is more shocking than how it happens. It’s a sort of an eye opener and a damn good psychological thriller where you see some lesser known actors giving priceless expressions – haunting I should say. I am sure we will not be able to forget this one for quite a long time. If you like thriller – chances are – you too are going to go through the same expressions what we felt and a must watch for all as it makes you think and prepare you for any untoward incident of same type happening with any of us. A must watch for all.

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