Thursday, February 21, 2013

Murder 3 (2013) - Thriller

Another logic defying movie from the Bhatt camp which starts pretty slowly but picks up in second half and surprisingly even works partially. Although as a debut it should be praised – even if it’s a remake or a scene to scene copy of another movie – I am sure they have indigenized enough of it to make it as per our taste. What shocked me this time from them is the music of the movie – as far as I know Music of any of their movies is always a runaway hit before even the release of the movie but this time they have missed the bus I guess, not one song worked for me unfortunately. The whole concept and idea behind the movie is superb and keeps the audience glued till the very end as you are keen to know what happens next and how it all ends. If only they had made the first half a little better – fortunately I like Randeep Hooda but he disappointed me big time in this one – almost sleep walks his part and so are the girls – had no expectations from them either and as one can guess – the Director hardly uses them to his advantage – they just look good and that’s about it. It’s the premise which is more interesting and keeps you interested through the movie and not the actors or characters. Vikram (Randeep) and Roshni (Aditi) are a committed couple, move to Mumbai from South Africa as he gets an assignment in India as a fashion photographer. Roshni has her doubts on him that he is going around with some model colleagues hence goes in hiding telling him that she is leaving him for good blah blah blah – don’t try to find me and all that crap. Whereas in reality she moves to a hidden room in the bungalow they were living in, which happens to be a sound proof room with one side mirrors from where she can see him but he can’t, guess what the mirrors were bullet proof too. Since she leaves him – in no time our hero gets another girl Nisha (Sara Loren) and moves on while Roshni watches him over all this time. What happens next is anybody’s guess, but how it all shown is good if not great. If you like Drama’s – chances are – you are going to like this one too, but if you are expecting a thriller – I will say give it a miss. I will definitely give it good two and a half stars. One for the idea and half each for its cast. Thumbs up as at least as a one time watch.

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